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Master Class Series

Master Class Series

As the name suggests, each of these 10-session seminars is led by two of our most senior and distinguished Leaders.

These special seminars are designed to bring you power and freedom in your current circumstances, and to produce dramatic breakthroughs that extend far beyond your current situations.

These programs offer our most powerful seminars and are delivered via Zoom, right in your own home. For the description and focus of each individual seminar and to register, click the seminars you are interested in.

Seminars occur in 10 evening sessions, usually during a three-month period. Each session is approximately 3 hours.

Master Class Seminar: An Invented Life: My Life, My Design

Transform and go beyond the fixed ways or typical “ways I wound up being”

Master Class Seminar: Be Here Now

Master being present in your life, setting a course for fully participating in life beyond your constraints

Master Class Seminar: Being Extraordinary

Get hands-on access to what it means to design and live an extraordinary life—a life beyond the ordinary that invites the unexpected

Master Class Seminar: Breakthroughs: Living Outside the Box

Operate powerfully with and transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs and then sustaining breakthroughs as a platform for what’s next

Master Class Seminar: Causing the Miraculous: A New Realm of Possibility

Create an environment in which you can cause the miraculous to not only occur, but to occur reliably

Master Class Seminar: Commitment: Pathway to Adventure

Have your possibilities triumph over the reasons why “it can't be done” as your commitment and word set new worlds into motion

Master Class Seminar: Creating Happiness: The Sheer Joy of Being Alive

Go beyond theories and strategies to actually discover a direct access to Creating Happiness in this fun and highly interactive seminar

Master Class Seminar: Excellence:  In the Zone

Create a life where excellence is a baseline that can keep extending the boundaries of what you know is possible

Master Class Seminar: Integrity: The Bottom Line

Discover the world of integrity as you create an environment of freedom, power and joy 

Master Class Seminar: Money: From Concern to Freedom

Invent conversations about money that bring a new power and freedom to yourself, your interactions, and whatever you create in life

Master Class Seminar: Producing Breakthrough Results, Part 1: Effectiveness

Empower yourself to take on the challenges of being effective beyond what you had previously imagined possible

Master Class Seminar: Living Powerfully: A Life That Defies the Predictable.

Expand the game of your life to what matters most to you and experience a new ability to invent life

Master Class Seminar: Producing Breakthrough Results, Part 2: Velocity

Increase the velocity between creating and realizing any intention

Master Class Seminar: Relationships: The Basics of Love, Romance, and Partnership

Discover a possibility of relationships that can become an occasion for creativity, vitality, intimacy, and self-expression

Master Class Seminar: Sex and Intimacy

Discover a means of expressing the privilege of being with and giving yourself to another, and having that gift fully received

Master Class Seminar: Beyond Fitness

Go beyond merely getting fit and cause a breakthrough in your vitality, fitness, and well-being

Master Class Seminar: Success: The Power of Context

Create new contexts that allow for sustained performance and a platform for generating a whole new level of success

Master Class Seminar: What's So

Experience expanded aliveness by discovering the miracle of what’s so versus what should be or what could have been

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